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This is the best hibachi food hands down, I love this place so much. Me & my husband go here at least once a week. My favorite cook is marvin, He’s the best hands down. Very nice & he always has a good attitude no matter how busy they are. I love kabutos!

2 weeks ago, my husband and I went to another Japanese steakhouse off of Harding Place. It was OK, but Kabuto was so much better. The prices, food and amount of food here were exceptional. The chef was wonderful. He gave us a wonderful “show” as he prepared our food. IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE AND WE WILL BE BACK. Great replacement for Kobe.

I have traveled all around and have tried various different hibachi restaurants but every time I leave disappointed because none of them stand up to Kabuto’s I’ve been coming in for several years now and I never leave disappointed keep up the awesome work.

Today afternoon was my first visit to this restaurant experienced wonderful service from staff, Amazing chefs who have got magic in their fingers… Awesome Food.. Keep up the great quality and service. Thumps up!

This place by far is the best Japanese steak house in Nashville!!!!!

We have been coming to Kabuto for several years. My husband and I used to take my mother and grandmother to Kabuto every year on Mother’s Day and for my mom’s birthday. Most of the time, my siblings would join. Very soon, it became THE place to go when you wanted to take someone out. Now that my mom is gone, I don’t come much anymore, but when I do, the chefs always remember me and also my children. My daughter says that Kabuto is her “favorite steak place” and I have to agree. My husband and I will forego our normal anniversary dinner to come to Kabuto tonight, and I can’t wait! Hopefully we will get to have Kenny!!!

My Favorite Place to Eat In Nashville

We decided to have dine at sushi cuz it’s too hot at grill on summer and we’re so surprised, how come the waitress could remember every items we want and we feel like in our own house. u guys have really excellent team works. everything so great u guys the best thank you we love you Kabuto :)

Hey there I really love Kabuto. We went there on last sunday lunch. This is our first time to eat sushi and O.M.G we really loved it and the waitress really so nice and she got positive attitude, but Lord I forgot her name she’s Asian girl and she always work at sushi side “I think”. We would be comeback sooner. Thank you so much Kabuto.

I love this place now that i’ve tried it. You don’t know what your missing if you do not experience this place. I cannot wait till my birthday I am having my gathering there. Food fantastic, service outstanding, overall 5 stars.

This was our first time to visit. This is a great place. The service is great and the food is fantastic. Patrick is a great chef and he kept us entertained the whole time he was preparing our food. Thanks for a wonderful time. We will be back.

We have been going to Kabuto’s for several years. Not once have we had a bad experience. The wait can be long at times, but it is SO worth it. The food is great, the chef’s are awesome and you will NEVER leave hungry! Oh, and you have to say HI to Al Pacino when you’re there!

Kabuto is the best…great atmosphere, great chef..mark put it out a amazing show to my family…it memorable dinner..we love u chef mark.

Awesome place to eat!!

Kabuto has been our favorite place to dine for several years. We come here for all our special events. All the chefs and waiters are the best!!!! We do take-out on occasions and it’s great too. My kids love the atmosphere and entertainment. Hope to bring grandchildren here one day. We are long life patrons. Thanks for everything!!! KGAMM

James and I had dinner at your restaurant a while back. Food was delicious and cooking was an entertainment delight! Thank you.

Thanks for a wonderful meal and great birthday party for our son. As always a good time and great food. Thanks, The Smith Family.

My family love to come there and dine with friends and get a little rowdy with the hibachi chef. It is such an experience. The chef’s are great and do an excellent job at cooking the food and keeping the kids entertained. It is a great place for those young and old to enjoy fine dining in a laid back atmosphere. Kabuto’s Rules!

Saw sign on interstate while traveling through TN back to Florida. Being from Florida, my family loves sushi. We did not know that Tennesseans could make such good sushi. It was all fresh and very delicious. Thumbs up Sushi Chefs. The service was excellent as well. Dawn was our server and was exceptional. Drinks always full, table always cleared, and always had a smile. This will definitely be one of our stops when traveling. LOL Kabuto.

We stopped by on our visit to Vanderbilt. Unforgettable experience and great food. First of many visits!!

Thanks and Thanks again, this is the best food and service i have ever dined out to. I will be back soon. I am moving from Michigan to enjoy some new experiences with a great guy. Now i have one more thing to look forward to when i move.

It has been a great experience each time I have dined in at Kabuto. The food and service there is awesome. Great place to network, too! (lol)

From the first time you sit down at Kabutos you are addicted to their food! The dining experience they create is like nothing else and their food is the BEST by far! and don’t get my started on how good the sushi and drinks are! =) Kabutos is a fun place for anyone at any age. When my mom comes to town I told her I HAVE to take her here!

I love Kabuto. Its a fun place to go to. You eat very good food and you get to watch while they make it and interact with the guy thats cooking for you!! Great place, good location and the price is worth the food and the show!!

All I have to say about this place is WOW! I have not had this kind of service and food anywhere in a very long time. The food melted in your mouth so much flavor! Thanks for the experience and we WILL be coming back soon!

This was my first time at Kabuto (or any hibachi grill)…my husband, daughter, and a few friends all came to celebrate my 27th birthday and man were we impressed! Reagan was our chef and he was so talented and funny! My daughter loved his version of Spongebob Square-Rice! We will most definitely be back and SOON!

We love Kabuto! It’s our favorite place to eat. We sometimes make up celebrations so that we have an excuse to visit so often!!

I LOVE KABUTO’s so much! My friend took me there a month or so ago and now its like a twice a week habit!

This was first experience at KABUTO’S great food and service.. (2 Thumbs Up) for WILKERSON, he was an excellent chef!!!!

Want to compliment the Sushi Chefs and Sushi Servers. I am in there several times a week and want to say that Dawn and Kristen are exceptional servers and the chefs are outstanding. Juji and Jullian are very creative and the plates look beautiful every time. If you don’t want to wait for the show on the teppan side, I suggest you visit the sushi bar for great service and great food!!!!!!!!LOL

Last night September 10 was my 49th birthday. My family and friends had the most beautiful time ever. Our server Al and chef Elvis are awesome. We can’t wait to go back. We love Kabuto soooooo much. The food is the best and the price, you won’t beat. GO KABUTO!!!!!!

What a wonderful place to enjoy dinner out with friends. The Sushi is fresh and wonderful. The chef was very entertaining and the atmosphere was relaxing! We plan to visit as often and we can! Great place for a date!

Sensi DeGeorge can put a hurtin on some sushi! Some say that he puts the Buddha in Kabuto.

Kabuto is AMAZING! There is nothing like it anywhere! I beg my fiancée to take me! The food is awesome and the people are so friendly! I love the show! Especially is your chef is funny (which most of them are)! TRY IT once and you will be HOOKED! Thanks to everyone there for making it such a great experience! :)

My family and I visited Kabuto about 2 wks ago for the first time. I actually never liked this type of food until I ate there. It was awesome! We totally enjoyed ourselves that evening. The show that the the chef put on was fabulous! Everything tasted great. My family and I will definitely return again soon! Thanks

We absolutely love KABUTO’S. Every time My boyfriend wants to go out to eat (usually once a week if not twice) we always head straight to KABUTO’S…. WE are actually taking his sister and her husband there this weekend to Celebrate His Birthday… Absolutely can not wait….

Well…i have a confession… me & nitty decided to go “try” another hibachi grill near us, in Smyrna…minami…. we thought it was your “sister” restaurant (since a few of the chefs have ties there)…. needless to say they appear to be more like an abuse step child….. the food was great….if you’re a wild animal. for those of us who prefer taste, and quality food, it was a bad eat. Plus our chef had like two left hands….just clumsy…. It sooooo made us appreciate the excellent dining experience we get whenever we come there….(which is all the time), the food looks fresh, the place is authentic, the atmosphere is awesome, the chefs can cook, and talk :)… you guys are just the bomb on sooo many levels…… I am convinced that Kabutos is the only hibachi in town…. No ones else comes close!!!!!!!!

This is the best place to go. The food is also you get what you pay for and it’s really good! If you’ve never eat here you have to try it. My husband tried it for the first time with me family and always asking to go back. Have fun, God Bless

We had the pleasure of dining at Kabuto with locals last night and thoroughly enjoyed our experience. We have traveled to a lot of places around the world and can honestly say we have not had a dining experience like the one we had there – the chef was fantastic, the food was fresh and fabulous and the ambiance was sensational. Thank you and we’ll be sure to visit when we’re next in the Nashville area. G’day from WA.

What it do. It’s Big Sam… Ya Number ONE Advocate here… I just had to hit y’all up to to tell you about your newer addition to the squad. JASON. Man the boy is official. Y’all say he’s new but the kid has got to have been cooking for a minute. His presentation is great as well… gREAT JOB IN ADDING ANOTHER CHAMP TO THE LIST OF GREAT IRON CHEFS THERE… LATER

To Elvis, Kenny, Wickson, Mike, Jr , Lil Jr, Jayjay, Patrickson, etc……and of course my daughter Venetia Faith Panuelo…..keep up the good work. I’ve been in Hawaii for six years and have not found a restaurant that compares to Kabuto. I really miss it a lot. Kenny I still need the recipe for the white sauce “lol”.

Great family place. Better than takeout.

My family and I lived in Hendersonville, Tn and were weekly regulars for 2 years. We miss Kabuto and especially Kenny. He is my daughter Kayln’s favorite chef in the whole world! We have tried other Japanese restaurants in Indiana and they just don’t come close. We will be visiting in 2 weeks and definitely will stop in to eat. We cant wait!

My wife and I normally come in to Kabuto’s about once every 2 months or so. We made it up there last night(Saturday) and quickly found they now have live entertainment there. It was sooo cool. We had a great time. The singer’s name is Jason. And he took time to talk to us and sign a picture. It was awesome. He even played a song we requested. Good luck on the show Jason! When we ate dinner, it was wonderful. We always have a great time there, and the chefs put on a great show. My wife caught the shrimp in her mouth for the first time and the whole table cheered. We had such a great time. Thank you for providing such a nice dining experience for us. I think we are going to try to get up there every other Saturday from now on to hear Jason and enjoy dinner. Best Wishes!

I ended up at Kabuto last night….Valentines Day… on a first date. I had never been there before and was quite nervous about my first date experience. Our cook, Wickson, was quite possible the cutest, funniest, best cook ever!!! He picked on everyone at the table and had us all laughing so hard that it was impossible to have a nervous date. He really took the pressure off of both of us. The food was fantastic, the entertainment was top notch, and the price was way to reasonable to be believable!!! I will continue to make Kabuto a place that I visit often on special occasions and just with the family. Here’s to a long future with Kabuto!!!

I am so very excited about this weekend because i will be going to Kabuto TWICE. Thursday is my boyfriends birthday and he loves eating there so his parents and I are treating him, then Sunday is my dad’s birthday and it was suggested because my mom was craving Japanese food to go there for the birthday bash for both my father and my boyfriend. We are going to be very full!

The food is always great at Kabuto! The Chefs are always entertaining! The Guys are always so kind to my children! Another bonus is the Live Entertainment on Friday Nights! Jason Kabler plays every Friday Night in the bar! He sings great covers and has many wonderful originals! You should definitely check out Kabuto on a Friday Night!

While at Kabuto a few weeks ago, I saw a flyer for a musician that plays there on Friday nights. so Some friends and I came in last night to check it out. the WHOLE night was amazing. we listened to Jason while we were waiting for our table, and then it was time to eat. WOW, what a great meal. it seams everytime we come to Kabuto, the food taste better and better. and what a show. the chefs here really know how to make your night a special one. the steak and chisken was AWESOME, and as always, they give you so much food we we able to take some home with us. After dinner, we went back to the bar to listen to Jason sing more. This guy is awesome!. He is a great complement to the wonderful food. and we learned he is going to be on a new Television show soon, so that is cool. we can say we heard him singing before he was a star :-) Bottom line. the folks at Kabuto really know how to please their customers. I make sure to tell all of my friends about my wonderful nights. and my recommendation….. Try the Chicken and steak, the sushi and egg rolls are GREAT, and if you go… Go on a Friday night and catch Jason’s show.

I recently went to Kabuto with a friend to try out the food. The service was exceptional. But what really went beyond my expectations was the food. Man, Wickson can cook, and REALLY cook! When you have chefs like that it keeps you coming back for more.

Just reporting in after yet another “Grrrreeeat” dining experience. Ya know, I was thinking about something. I think about how often I come there and the type of experiences that I have… And I just really wanted to relay to you guyz just how significant what you do is. I have been to a few Hibatchi Grillz here & and establishments in general, and it’s important for you to know just how much the Great staff, and skillful, ( often comedic) Chefs play a role in the total experience that people have in your establishment. You set the tone and raise the bar on so many levels, and the effects of what you extends far beyond the perrills of “just a restaurant”. So continue to take pride in what you do, because I definitely am proud of all of you. :) Great job on your successes to date & many wishes for more in the future….

Well who would have guessed….You mean to tell me that I don’t have to drive across town to have a KABUTO experience Now???. You’re on the internet now too!?! You Guys are the best. The drive is worth it, The food is worth it, The service is Worth it!!!! Shout out to all the staff….JR, Jun, Elvis, Kenny P, Patrick, Michael, Vennicia, Auerilia, ……. (I guess it’s apparent how much I eat there.) I play Ball so it’s all good!!! THE RICE IS ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!

We love everything about Kabuto!! The chefs make it fun and the food is wonderful. We enjoy coming about twice a week and its never the same.

We’ve been regulars since a few months after you opened – we love Nick, Mike, Elvis, and all the others!!

WE LOVE KABUTO!!!! Elvis is the best chef around! The food and the atmosphere are great! It is the only place we can go eat that our three kids will all clean their plates and stay sitting down. Elvis and Kenny are the two most entertaining people around! We love you guys!

Ever since the opening of Kabuto, my husband and I go several times a week. We sit in the sushi bar and have our favorite waitress. Last visit, she referred to us as regulars and she remembers what we get to eat. She, as well as the food is incredible!

Great Time, Great Food, Great Service, Great Prices!! We will definitely return!!

Our experience was extremely enjoyable! The food was incredible!!! Our chef was very entertaining for our grandsons. It was our son’s birthday and we even had a well known country singer who joined in with us when we sang “Happy Birthday”. A very special evening indeed! Thanks Kabuto!!!!

Great food! Awesome atmosphere! The Chef’s are the friendliest in Nashville, and the food is incredible. Elvis & Nick are a lot of fun.

We have been to Kabuto several times and have never had a bad experience ! Everyone is courteous and the food is great. We really enjoy Nick and Kenny, they are outstanding chefs. We have tried other places, we have tried it at home and nothing compares to Kabuto !!!

My friends brought me here for my birthday in December, and I loved it. It is my new favorite place to eat. i would love the recipe for the soup and the orange colored dip. you place is a lot of fun, thanks for the good time.

My family and I visited your restaurant for the first time a week ago. We were with some friends who raved about it! I wasn’t sure on the Japanese food, but…WOW!!! We all loved it! My kids cleaned their plates! That has never happened before! It was also very entertaining! Can’t wait to come back!!

Just wanted to say that Kabuto is the most amazing restaurant around Goodlettsville / Rivergate… to anyone that has not been here, it is a must… oh and ask for Nick as your chef… he’s the sweetest… and hottest.

I like your restaurant. The food was good, and the China-man sure was nice to me. Thanks for a good time. — RW

We just love Kabuto and we are taking our best friend there for her 17th Birthday! She is amazed by the talented chefs working at Kabuto. Otanjoubi omedetou, Alyssa! see u there.

We started off the 2004 new year with dinner at Kabuto. The whole family really enjoyed the experience. We will be back, so from our family to yours – Have a great 2004.

We visited Kabuto for the 1st time last week. Wow! The food was absolutely amazing – cooked to perfection. The chef was incredibly talented as well as entertaining. We thought it was a very good value. We will definitely be back and plan to bring friends, family and colleagues. Thank you for bringing Kabuto to Goodlettsville!

Congratulations on the recent grand opening! I was in for lunch on the first day and the Filet was excellent! The chef and server were both very good. Keep up the good work.

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