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While at Kabuto a few weeks ago, I saw a flyer for a musician that plays there on Friday nights. so Some friends and I came in last night to check it out. the WHOLE night was amazing. we listened to Jason while we were waiting for our table, and then it was time to eat. WOW, what a great meal. it seams everytime we come to Kabuto, the food taste better and better. and what a show. the chefs here really know how to make your night a special one. the steak and chisken was AWESOME, and as always, they give you so much food we we able to take some home with us. After dinner, we went back to the bar to listen to Jason sing more. This guy is awesome!. He is a great complement to the wonderful food. and we learned he is going to be on a new Television show soon, so that is cool. we can say we heard him singing before he was a star :-) Bottom line. the folks at Kabuto really know how to please their customers. I make sure to tell all of my friends about my wonderful nights. and my recommendation….. Try the Chicken and steak, the sushi and egg rolls are GREAT, and if you go… Go on a Friday night and catch Jason’s show.

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