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Well…i have a confession… me & nitty decided to go “try” another hibachi grill near us, in Smyrna…minami…. we thought it was your “sister” restaurant (since a few of the chefs have ties there)…. needless to say they appear to be more like an abuse step child….. the food was great….if you’re a wild animal. for those of us who prefer taste, and quality food, it was a bad eat. Plus our chef had like two left hands….just clumsy…. It sooooo made us appreciate the excellent dining experience we get whenever we come there….(which is all the time), the food looks fresh, the place is authentic, the atmosphere is awesome, the chefs can cook, and talk :)… you guys are just the bomb on sooo many levels…… I am convinced that Kabutos is the only hibachi in town…. No ones else comes close!!!!!!!!

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